live to inspire, glorify your Father in heaven

live to inspire, glorify your Father in heaven

live to inspire, glorify your Father in heavenlive to inspire, glorify your Father in heavenlive to inspire, glorify your Father in heaven

about me

20 years ago I thought I lost something, but I really didn't, truth be told I actually improved. I have always been a cyclist but never as good as I am now.  I have always wanted to compete but never did. So I thought I lost something I loved, but God made it something even better.

I spent about 14 years of that time feeling sorry for myself, thinking about all the adventures I had on my bike, wondering if I would ever ride again. According to the doctors I never would; but then they also said I would never walk, talk, feed myself! It sure is a great thing that God has the final say! If you look back to when I was in the hospital the doctors were about to let me go!

Knowing that God would never leave me and that I get my strength through him helped me continue.  Every step I took improved me, knowing that He was behind me kept me going. I had no ides He was preparing me for what was to come! All of the walking I was doing was strengthening my muscles in my legs to help me on my bike.

I started using a sedentary recumbent bike that I would ride for hours. But it wasn't until Christmas 2013 when I found out some news from my cousin about a bike that I could use. That was where all of my cycling journey started. When I got that bike, you couldn't get me off of it. I rode in century rides ( a hundred miles) or less.

That wasn't challenging enough for me, that's when I started looking for other ways to challenge myself. This was when my friend and mentor informed me about a race I could do, The Redlands Classic. There was not many races that would allow recumbent bikes. This was the next part of my journey of cycling.

After becoming as good as I could become on that bike, even going overseas to help further the sport, I was stuck because there was no interest in it. I thought my journey was over, but it had just begun.

I started to ride an upright trike because that was as far as I could go, now I ride that everywhere. I have just made Team USA, but have my dreams set on something else. I know that with God and all the hard work e lets me do, I will achieve greater things.

Faith in God got me here, and the trust that I have in Him kept and keeps me going.